In my practice I have unfortunately encountered many situations when clients are facing Foreclosure or Power of Sale of the property. I successfully helped clients to stave off the foreclosure or Power of Sale proceedings.

This should not be confused with urging clients to sell their properties quickly, before it will be sold for them. Frequently you will find advertisement postings on Craigslist and Kajiji by real-estate agents trying to attract clients, who are in financial trouble and are facing the sale of their home.

What does “Stop Power of Sale” really mean when used in advertisements on platforms such as Craigslist and Kajiji?

Real-Estate Investor

Investment Plan

Perhaps you are in the same situation as I find myself in. In the 90s and into the years past the millennium, I invested into the real-estate market. My income was sufficient to buy a rental home every few years. My investment plan as a smart real-estate investor worked out really well for me and I accumulated equity in each one of my homes over the years.


The PITA Factor 

Monolender and the Mortgage Broker

When it comes to sources of funding for mortgage loans, there seems to be confusion amongst prospective mortgage clientele, even with the mortgage broker customers, who are re-investing into the real-estate market by purchasing larger homes, town-houses or condominiums for their families. The paradigm seems to be influenced and manifested by