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Equity Take Out Strategy – A Simple Approach


The recent increase in property values through a hyperactive real-estate market can work in your favour.

When I began to invest into the Vancouver real-estate market in the early 90s, I leveraged my investments and build on the virtual equity in my homes. I have made Warren Buffets statement of “Buy and don’t Sell” my own and prospered from his investment strategy.

If you are interested to increase your personal wealth through by using your virtual equity in your current home, do contact me and we can discuss on how to do this. I have been successful at this for the past 25 years, and now as a mortgage broker, I have even more insights of leveraging home equity and building wealth on a realistic Equity Take Out (ETO) strategy.

There are no tricks or short-cuts to creating wealth, but there are only sensible and simple ways to make most of your equity in your home. To learn more or to make a personal appointment, contact me here.