Three Things Your Bank Does Not Want You to Know about the Mortgage Interest Penalty


Mortgage Interest Penalty




There are three things your bank does not want you to know about the practice of Mortgage Interest Penalty charges.

83% of all five year mortgage contracts are broken before

the five year term is up. Banks are making nearly as much on the interest penalty than they make on your regularly scheduled mortgage interest payable to them.

There are three distinct ways to save thousands of dollars, which your bank may not tell you about. These are simple measures you can take to help save huge amounts of money for your family, which you would otherwise unnecessarily pay to your bank.

In all cases, I will be able to help you and your family to either avoid the Mortgage Interest Penalty all together or to save thousands of dollars in Mortgage Interest Penalty charges.

Give me a brief call and you will be amazed how easy it is to save your hard-earned money. Instead of paying it out to your bank, you can use it as a larger down-payment on your next home.

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